Week #1 Power Bread

Power Bread is the kick-off recipe for baking my way through Peter Reinhart’s book ‘Whole Grain Breads’.  It happens to be the kick-off recipe because I don’t actually have his book yet, and this is just one of the recipes from the book that I was able to find online!!  So without further ado…

I started on Sunday by putting raisins, flax-seed and water in a container to sit out overnight on the counter.  That is called the Pre Soaker. (didn’t get a picture of that)

Monday morning, I blended up the Pre Soaker and added flour and salt.  This is called the Soaker and it sat out all day Monday and overnight.

Monday I also made what is called the Biga.  It is water, flour, salt and yeast.  I mixed this up and put it into the fridge for the rest of the day and overnight.  Malachi helped me with this part.

On Tuesday as soon as I got up, I took the Biga out of the fridge so that it would be at room temperature when I started working with it.  I added the Soaker to the Biga along with the rest of the ingredients and made the Final Dough.

It was very sticky, so I had to add some flour!!

Finally got it from sticking to my hands and now it is ready to rise.

Once doubled in size, it is ready to form into loaves to raise again.

Then it’s ready for the oven…and this is where it gets complicated…The recipe says to bake till nicely browned and internal temperature reads 195 F.  Well the outside was nicely browned but the internal temperature was only like 150 F.  So I took the bread out of the pans and placed them directly on the rack of the oven attributing to an even darker outer crust.  I finally got the internal temperature up to within 10 degrees of where it should be and called it good! 

The results are pretty good, but I will figure out next time how to cook it a little more evenly so that the top doesn’t brown before the internal temperature is where it should be.

I will make this recipe again…hopefully with a little different result!!

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