Bread For Sabbath

I know I have not posted in a while, but I have been reading the introduction to ‘Whole Grain Breads’, and getting comfortable with Peter Reinhart’s style of baking before I start!  In the meantime, I have been baking and here is a picture of the bread that just came out of the oven!!!

Sunflower Raisen and Potato Garlic Herb

The following recipe makes enough dough for at least 4 one pound loaves.  I made 2 loaves from each recipe because I wanted bigger loaves and I wanted my oven on as little as possible!!

Recipe adapted from ‘Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes A Day’  by Jeff Hertzberg, M.D., and Zoe Franqois

Herbed Potato and Garlic Bread

3 cloves Garlic

3 1/2 C Spelt Flour

3 C Whole Wheat Flour

1/4 C ground Flax seed

1 t herb mixture of your choice

1 1/2 T granulated Yeast

1 T Kosher Salt

1/4 C Vital Wheat Gluten

1 large Potato raw and cut into 1/4inch cubes (clean but don’t peel)

3 1/2 C lukewarm Water

Mixing and storing the dough: Wisk together the flours, flaxseed, herbs, yeast, salt, and vital wheat gluten in a 5qt bowl or lidded food container.  Add the potato, water and garlic and mix with wooden spoon till all ingredients are combined!  The dough will be very wet and sticky…too sticky to knead and that’s ok, because this is a ‘No Knead’ method.  Cover (not airtight) and allow dough to rest at room temperature until it doubles in size.  Approximately 2 hours depending on the temp of your house.

The dough can be used immediately after it’s inital rise, or stored in the fridge for later use.  It is easier to handle if it is stored in the fridge first, but I have done it either way.  You can refrigerate it for up to 10 days, but the longer it is in the fridge, the more sour the flavor will be.  I like to use it right away, because I don’t like the sour flavor.

On Baking Day:  Dust the surface of the refrigerated dough with flour and cut off desireable loaf size.  Dust the piece with more flour and quickly shape into a ball by pulling it down and around with both hands rotating a quarter turn as you go.  Leave as a ball (which is called a boule), or elongate into a narrow oval for more of a loaf shape.  Dust the top of the loaves with flour and score the loaves to allow for expansion while raising and baking  Allow dough to rest on a well floured bread board or parchment paper lined sideless cookie sheet for 30-40 min while oven is heating to 450 degrees.  Place the baking stone on the bottom rack of your oven for preheating.  Once your oven is up to temperature, slide the bread onto the hot stone and pour a cup of water into and empty pan that is in the oven to create steam for the crust on the loaves.  (make sure the steam pan is NOT GLASS)  Bake for about 30-35 min, until richly browned and firm.  If you have an instant read thermomitor, it should read between 190 and 200 degrees when inserted into the middle of a loaf.  This is how you know the inside of the loaf is done cooking.  Take the bread out of the oven and cool on rack for an hour or more so that the bread can finish baking and cool before you cut into it!

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One Response to Bread For Sabbath

  1. Eva says:

    Love the bread, and have the same difficulty getting nice spring on the boules, I got into baking because of the 5 minute a day bread, and have been having a blast. I have no desire to bake my way through a book, but have several things I do want to bake.
    Fortunately my husband loves the bread, even if its not light and airy, so will continue to make it and try to improve it in the future.
    Right now I’m busy with a room, cleaning, clearing and reflooring this next week I hope, its been a week already! Once that is done, I can relax a bit and go back to doing some baking and so forth!

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